Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wings Etc- A Review

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Wings Etc recently opened up down the road from where I live, which made me excited to have a sports bar where I could catch a game with some (hopefully) tasty food and cold beer. It's a chain regional to the Midwest and seems to have somewhat of a following, so what the heck.

I went with coworkers on two occasions. One, which I will briefly touch on, was to conquer their "Wall of Flame Challenge" which involved eating 16 crazy hot wings with no food or drink. Success! At the sacrifice of all taste for the next day. Worth it? Well, I did get a free t-shirt.

Back to Wings. Having worked in restaurants for a decent part of my life, I am critical when it comes to service. I'm not a jerk by any means, and I understand the concept of being busy, but there should be a good line of communication between staff and customer. Wings Etc does not have this. We waited 10 minutes for our waitress, 15 minutes for our drinks, 30 minutes for our food, and then 20 minutes more for her to bring us the check and then run our credit cards. That's just not acceptable. And the second time I went back, the service was just as bad. Not friendly, and way too long.

As for the food, it's ok. The boneless wings are cooked to death so you get crusty nuggets and the traditional wings are a bit big (because they are jumbo) and have a large skin pocket on them that does not cook very well, leaving you with a flabby, fatty wing to eat. The sauces are ok, much thicker than any other wing place I have been to, and most seem to have a tomato base. So the sauce does not really stick to the wing, meaning the wings are a bit bland. The fries they make are very tasty, but that's pretty much all I found enjoyable about the experience. So sadly I will have to travel further down the road if I want chicken wings or a football game, because this place is just not working out.

1/5 Sheep Dogs