Friday, July 1, 2011

Beer Suggestions for the 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July! And to include the northern neighbors, Happy Canada Day!  For me, it's the start of my "true" summer, the time when I can get a large group of people together, grill a bunch of meat and veggies, and drink ice cold beer.

With so many choices (and distribution limits), what can you do if you live in Indiana (or thereabouts) and are looking for good brew this weekend?  Alas, I give you a few suggestions that will either a) pair well with food or b) are good beers for the hot weather approaching.  Follow the links to use the nifty Beer Spy

Any other suggestions?  Feel free to sound off in the comments

Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp- I'm enjoying this for many reasons.  Sierra Nevada put out some unique and newer beers with this mix pack, and they are all fantastic.  It contains a California steam, a double IPA, a juniper black ale, and a weizenbock.  Perfect for a crowd

Bells Oberon- My go-to beer for summer, it's got a citrusy punch and a nice fruit flavor.  Good with burgers.  And you can get Bells in counter top kegs too.

Sun King Osiris Pale Ale- Yes, I'm biased, this is my favorite brewery at the moment.  Their beers are delicious. If you happen to live in Indy, go to the brewery and pick up one of their seasonals.  If not, Osiris is a dry hopped pale ale that is full of flavor, and it comes canned for aquatic events.

Victory Prima Pils- A surprisingly hoppy pilsner from a brewery that also has an extremely solid lineup of beers. A light beer that's both refreshing and slightly dry, this is a beer to enjoy after some street hockey (if celebrating Canda day).  Also try their new Headwaters Pale Ale (seen above)

Three Floyds Gumballhead- Another summer wheat beer, this one has a lemon hit at the end and is nice and yeasty.

There are many other great breweries from Indiana as well, including Flat 12, Upland, and People's (in Lafayette).  Enjo