Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food Reviews

Good news!  I'm expanding!  Well, by expanding I mean I'm writing about new things.  This is more for local flavor and my travels, as I'm bringing back restaurant reviews.  I go out to eat and find myself analyzing and critiquing the meal from all points of view.  Probably comes from working in restaurants for many of my young adult years.  Along with my good friend and coworker Aaron Atkinson, creator and proprietor of GLdineonline.com, I will be detailing my restaurant adventures over the coming months.  We in Lafayette, Indiana are seriously lacking a good true food critic.  The local paper never got back to me about writing for them (and I even offered it pro bono!), so I'm going to assume that role and hope it helps.  I consider it releasing my inner Tony Bordain, and while I have no great illusions of ever matching his writings and musings (or foul mouth), I do consider myself a pretty honest person when it comes to food.  Hope you all enjoy!

Also, since I'm a dog nut, my value system will be given off of sheepdogs such as these: