Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Land Ho!

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I found this place in the local news on a recent trip to Cape Cod.  A local hangout, this place was PACKED in the middle of the winter with my favorite people, New Englanders who have lost all ability to pronounce the letter "R".  They have the normal variety of New England food, meaning lots of fish, grinders, and beeah (yes that's a word.  I think).

I started with the kale soup, which was highly recommended and ohmygosh was it good.  Sausage, beans, veggies, it was fantastic.  So much in so that I tried to replicate it at home a few nights later.  But that's another post.  I had fish and chips for my lunch, which were quite tasty, and though most fried fish tends to taste the same, I could tell this fish was extremely fresh.  It tasted like fish, not batter.  Emily had fried clams, which were great, and her mom had a really nice pastrami sandwich.  Her dad had flounder which was just alright, but the soup we all had more than made up for it.

4/5 Sheepdogs